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LCA Special Membership Meeting, Sat. Sept. 22, 2018

Thanks to Ann Kalber for videotaping this meeting. Meeting was held at Sacred Heart Church in Pahoa

Please Help Leilani Estates


Since May 4, 2018, Leilani Estates has been under seige by earthquakes, fissures, and lava eruptions. Many residents have lost their homes and our beautiful subdivision has suffered a lot of damage. 

I am the webmaster of www.leilaniestates.org. I have gotten approval from LCA Board members to set up a Paypal Account for donations through LCA's Tax ID#.  Donations will be tax deductible. 

Thank you for any help. 

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Google Lava Flow Map

Homes Lost

From Dane DuPont regarding lost homes map


Map Of Homes Lost for 6/1/2018

Sorry about the lack of updates, decided to take a new approach for this assessment. Took some time, and isn't perfect but it is a more sound method and aligns closer to the criteria the County is using to determine homes lost.

Total homes destroyed by new criteria: 228.

Improvements to map display and techniques used in assessing 'homes lost' have been made. Home status in this map now relies on the use of Hawaii County, Real Property Tax Department's publicly released information. The information from the County is used to locate, address, and account for homes lost. This allows for more accurate way to distinguish between a 'home' and a 'structure'. Each home now lists it's associated address.

Addresses are determined to be 'lost' via on the ground reporting, aerial comparisons, USGS lava flow surveys, and disclosures by home owners. Homes that have been damaged by cracks, SO2, and even properties totally surrounded by lava were not counted. Also, since this change in methodology relies on tax records many un-permitted homes, and Ohana homes on the same parcel as a primary home, have been excluded.

If there are in errors seen in locations of homes marked (not just the slightly off placement of dots) or something that is missed please post in the comments. My condolences to all homeowners who have lost their homes and displaced families. This is a hard time for everyone involved.

Mahalo to Jen Naylor Sexton for assisting in the map parcel examination and compiling a list of addresses. Heath Dalton for his accurate and robust information on status of specific homes. Ryan Finlay for his many, many contributions. And all residents that have contributed in this hard time by providing information about the homes and neighborhoods in which they lived.

New Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer…

I am going to keep the old image updated and provide a count that includes the old criteria for a home; permitted or occupied leading up to the fissure activity. Image and count found here: https://imgur.com/a/KARMU9F

Emergency Planning Webpage Added

Be Prepared!


Leilani Community Association is adding a new webpage, Emergency Planning to its website. The purpose is to provide current information to help you prepare for emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes, defense issues, floods, lava flow evacuation and water contamination. FEMA, Civil Defense, Community
Emergency Response Team (CERT) gives members the necessary planning tools in the event of these emergencies.

We suggest you take time to read through this material and plan accordingly. This page also provides links and contact information. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to these agencies. For questions regarding water contamination, call or email LCA at lca@hawaii.rr.com or fill out the contact form. 

Lava Flow, Leilani Estates, May 4, 2018

About Us

E Komo Mai - Welcome to Leilani Estates

Leilani Estates is a beautiful, rural subdivision in the Puna District on Hawai'i Island.  Our Community has well-maintained, paved roads, one-acre lots, an active Neighborhood Watch program, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and a volunteer Board of Directors.
There is a Community Center with a multipurpose Pavilion, playground, fitness trail, ball fields and meeting facilities. We have a variety of weekly activities and classes available to Leilani Estates residents.
Leilani Estates is close to Pahoa Town, a quaint town with an eclectic mixture of old and new. There is a variety of services, shopping and restaurants in Pahoa, including post office, banks, healthcare, an all-purpose community park and community pool. Down the road there are plenty of ocean activities with parks, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, surfing and even a hot pond heated by the Volcano. Leilani Estates is approximately 30 minutes south of Hilo and an hour from Volcanoes National Park. 

Plenty to do in Leilani Estates

Check out the monthly activities and classes offered in Leilani Estates - PLEASE NOTE DUE TO LAVA EMERGENCY THERE ARE NO CLASSES OR ACTIVITIES

Community Calendar

Leilani Estates Community Calendar includes monthly meetings and events - LCA Monthly BOD Meetings are resuming but being held at Nanawale Community Center in the interim. 

Leilani Estates History


The Leilani Estates subdivision was formed in 1964. The name "Leilani" in Hawaiian means "royal child" or "heavenly lei". The Hawaiian name for the Leilani Estates subdivision area is Keahialaka. 

In one of the many stories about Pele, the following is a literal translation of the account of her taking Kilauea:

“When Pele came to the island Hawaiʻi, she first stopped at a place called Keahialaka (Ke-ahi-a-Laka) in the district of Puna. From this place. she began her inland journey toward the mountains. As she passed on her way, there grew within her an intense desire to go at once and see ʻAilāʻau, the god to whom Kīlauea belonged, and find a resting-place with him as the end of her journey. She came up, but ʻAilāʻau was not in his house. Of a truth he had made himself thoroughly lost. He had vanished because he knew that this one coming toward him was Pele. He had seen her toiling down by the sea at Keahialaka. Trembling dread and heavy fear overpowered him. He ran away and was entirely lost. When Pele came to that pit she laid out the plan for her abiding home, beginning at once to dig up the foundations. She dug day and night and found that this place fulfilled all her desires. Therefore, she fastened herself tight to Hawaiʻi for all time.”

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Leilani Community Association

13-3441 Moku Street, Pahoa, Hawaii 96778, United States

(808) 965-9555
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The Office reopens Monday, Sept. 24, 2018